About reframing thoughts. Or how to stop the damn overthinking and actually start some action.

If you have a minimum interest on your life, you’re already had thoughts as “what I’m doing?”, “Is this the way to happiness land?”, “is he/she the one and only?”.

You don’t have to be on your 30’s to do that. You don’t need a change of decade to talk to yourself about being yourself. I already written about that.

But my point here it’s not about the age thing, it is about asking the right questions. Because once you start to do all these questions, they get bigger and deeper into your soul. And nobody likes that.

Come on, admit: you hate to truly open yourself, even if you’re opening just for you.
Everybody is afraid of finding the big answers. That kind of answer that change your life.
It’s easier just overthink things.

Got the difference?

Questioning yourself about the truth X Overthinking an unhappy situation

When we start the overthinking, we fill our heads of heavy and sad thoughts. And what emerge of our minds it’s all that old crap about our mistakes and choices. It’s all a way to escape for the real problem.

Overthinking is the new complaining.

You stopped complaining, because someone told you that it makes you sick. But you keep these thoughts inside you, and it also kills you.

Look, I’m not judging. I make the same. I’m so afraid of my own thoughts that I’m not able to think about it. Even worse it would be talk about it.

And now I just realized that all my overthinking, a struggle that I’m fighting against since childhood, it’s my very unique way of complaining about life without looking an ungrateful person.

When I overthink, I forget the good things I have and I get into pessimistic mood. I also become annoying, I know that (sorry, friends).

But when I chill out about whatever problem it is, for just a couple of hours, all the good things back to my mind. I’m able to tell my friends a funny story, I’m optimistic and feeling good about myself.

So what’s the way out? Mindfulness techniques? Chinese Medicine? Going out more with my friends to drink and talk about random stuff and forget it all?

Once I heard from a teacher that the way of going out of a problem is making the right question. You have to reframe, rethink and look for that one big Q. When you find it, you will have your answer.

It’s not about your companies.

It’s not about your job, your bank account or the place you live.

It’s about who you want to be.


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